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This is the obligatory pets page.

We had a Golden Retriever named Tilley and an old white cat, Cleo, both have gone to pet heaven. For 13 years we had a wonderful Golden named Sandy who is now chasing tennis balls in doggy heaven.

So, we got another cat after waiting the appropriate time and getting to know all our mice on a personal basis. We hope Miranda will be a good mouser, because it will be a full time job.

Sadly Miranda went walkabout. So, after waiting another period of time, we got Foggy from a shelter too. A country cat's life is a rewarding but tough one. Foggy caught mice about as fast as they could reproduce. It was a full time job for her. She skipped the trip to FL and lives with brother-in-lay Bob catching his mice.

Now in Florida, we have a very nice kitty named Limey. No pix yet, but imagine a cute, grey tiger.


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